Many of our parents grew up telling us a lot of lies but they were all good lies. Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, or an easter bunny, for instance. I think these people genuinely thoughtfully brought us gifts, but in reality, they were my parents all along. These are all values that are taught to each other. To earn any gifts children needed to behave well. Lying can sometimes be a moral way of protecting someone against any bad situation. I believe that it is not moral to lie, it is always better, to tell the truth because sooner or later it always comes up. But it also depends on the lie as well as the example of parents telling lies about Santa and etc.
Ethical subjectivism is the theory which argues that diametrically opposite actions may be moral. Ethical subjectivism argues that spiritual principles are not empirical. Actually, beliefs and expectations make moral proclamations true or false. “Therefore all moral and evaluative language is subjective” (Morris,1999)
Moral objectivism states that often the use of terms that we use to characterize a feeling may be diametrically opposite although with a positive moral. “Moral subjectivism holds that morality is decided by the individual. Culture doesn’t define right and wrong, nor do accepted beliefs. Instead, the individual decides.” When someone views themselves as a moral subjectivist, they can not respond to certain actions since it is believed that individuals are behaving on the basis of what they believe or consider right.

Morris T. (1999). Philosophy for dummies. New York, NY: Wiley Publishing

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