Write 5 page paper according below

We have spent considerable time in class discussing real-world engineering decisions and disasters. Your assignment will be to write a 5-page paper (not counting references) discussing an engineering disaster, selected from the attached list. Your paper will discuss 3 specific questions:

1. What were the technical reasons for this disaster? This is usually the most straightforward of the topics.

2. What were the non-technical reasons for this disaster? Non-technical reasons include all of the issues that require VBD’s, such as politics, decision-making culture, organizational roles, users and their expectations, budget and deadline, etc.

3. What is the ethical lesson of this disaster? Try to be as general as possible when discussing ethical lessons, and avoid simple conclusions, such as “check your work”, “don’t submit to pressure”, “be honest”, and so forth. The lessons we are interested in have more to do with why conflicted decisions and practices are to be expected in this particular field of engineering. Why, for example, should we expect disasters such as the 737 Max? The real answer lies in the way airplanes are designed, tested, maintained and used in the current transportation industry. Similar observations can be made in all of the categories of disasters included in the list of paper topics.

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