Merchants, pilgrims and other travelers in Asia journeyed along the route known as the Silk Road. The Silk Road was the longest international trade route in the world, stretching from China across Asia and the Near East and ending in Italy. The Silk Road promoted the exchange of goods, cultural practices and ideas among a wide range of cultures. For this assignment, you will read about the Silk Road on the 2 websites posted under the Week 10 Module and below. After reading about the Silk Road and the art of different cultures, you will post your response to the discussion question to share your insights with the class. You will find specific artworks posted on the websites, particularly the Silk Road Vitual Exhibit. Click on the images to get the full information. The Longmen Grottoes are one stop along the route.

Discussion post is worth 10 points. Be sure to proofread your answer before posting and include the full title of the artwork and the culture. To post click on reply, type your response in the textbox and then click on Post when you have completed writing your response. Assignment will be closed after the deadline.

Read content on these websites

The Silk Road Overview

The Silk Road Virtual Exhibit

Longmen Grottoes, China

Discussion Post Prompt:

Imagine that you are a traveler along the Silk Road in the 7th to 10th centuries CE. You stop at several sites in your journey and admire art created at one of the sites or for sale by artisans. You are vey excited by the art and architecture that you encounter that you want to share your experience others. You decide to collect one specific artwork or visit one specific site. Name the specific artwork or site you will visit and the culture that created it. Speaking as an traveler from the past, explain why you would want to collect this artwork. In your answer, address the following points:

What was the artwork’s or site’s function?
Why do you consider it an important artwork or site?
Discuss the specific subject matter, imagery, medium, and technique.
What does this artwork or site tell us about the culture that created it?
Why does it appeal to you personally?

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