Changes to the Town Hall Meeting Assignment:

The media just announced yet another change with the debate process for president. President Trump, after days of refusing to participate in a virtual debate against VP Biden that was scheduled for tonight, now intends to hold a Town Hall Meeting at the same time as former VP Biden who was first to plan his. Therefore, our assignment has to change. You may now choose which Town Hall Meeting you “attend” (view).

You will have to submit a video analysis of the Town Hall Meeting — similar to how the political pundits summarize a debate, you will do the same.
Your video response must be three to five minutes in length. Make sure to have good lighting and increase the volume/sound.
The Town Hall Meeting with Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden will air tonight, Thursday, October 15, live on ABC 8 ET/7 CT/5 PT (8 p.m., Eastern Time/ 7 p.m., Central Time/ 5 p.m., Pacific Time).
The Town Hall Meeting with President Trump will air tonight on NBC at the same time.
Watch to analyze the political communication.
Answer the following questions in your brief video discussion post:
What messages were communicated? Identify at least three.
Do you think this format is a better way for voters to learn information from candidates as opposed to a political debate? If so, why?
Describe something that you learned from the Town Hall Meeting that you did not kno
Tell how you would communicate the importance of the information that you learned to others.
How did the Town Hall influence your perspective on our government?

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