The topic is: TOP BOSSES. (choose any top boss you like)
Explore the biography of your selected top boss, including both positive and negative aspects of the leader based on your own knowledge and new research-informed opinion. Use secondary research.
GOAL: Write up a report of details based on your findings as if you were sharing the report at a meeting, in order to inform the audience on the facts and of your opinion on that topic.

CONSIDERATIONS: Remember to consider the audience you are addressing (in this case, your peers); to understand the context and purpose of your report; to develop that report in conjunction with sources
supporting your message.

Data Graphs
Include at least one piece of data in your research as a graph best suited for the type of data you are including. The type of data you graph is strictly up to you. This includes bar graphs, pie, line, or flowcharts. Images are not to be used.

Research Sources: Three (3) references required. Be sure the sources are reliable and credible. At least one source needs to be a non-website source. IE, needs to be a journal article or from a book. Have a
References page at the end of your report listing your sources. As best as you can, use MLA or APA format.

Compose the report:
a. 400-600 words maximum
b. SINGLE spacing.
c. 12-point Calibri or Cambria font

Develop appropriate paragraphs to introduce and summarize the report. Use sub-headings. In these paragraphs,you must paraphrase the source material…IE, put their words into your own words, using in-text citations[ex.:
Rogers, 2017] to give the author of your sentences the credit. (Reminder: Plagiarism is not allowed. Your report should not use direct quotations.

Finally, using critical and analytical thinking, have a Conclusions and Recommendations paragraph. This should include your own opinion, reflections, and any recommendation(s).

On a second page, add your APA or MLA-formatted References list that lists the three or more resources in alphabetical order.

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