How do experts in your field achieve work-life balance? A perennial problem in any profession is that of work-life balance: Finding enough time to do well at work and flourish in our personal lives outside of work. There is likely no definitive once-and-for-all or one-size-fits-all solution to achieving work-life balance, but this does not mean that all solutions should be accepted. Your task is to compose a 3-4 page essay with references, explaining how people typically achieve work-life balance and what you believe will work best for work-life balance for yourself and other professionals in your line of work. Since professions vary in terms of tasks, type of work, and psychological strain, it is likely that professionals in one profession may seek solutions that are different from those in other professions–at least to some degree. There are required, and optional readings for this assignment. [Please note that the list of sources on the final page of your essay does not count to the total page count].

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