Purpose of this Assignment: As this course concludes, you will write a 2-page summary of your personal philosophy of career and technical education and work-based learning. There are no correct or incorrect responses. The purpose of the task is to help you synthesize the many ideas we’ve explored this semester and create a bit of your own ‘mission statement of CTE’. Any type of teaching philosophy statement helps a teacher stay focused on the good and great aspects of teaching, even when the days get hard and challenging. Teachers who perform with a purpose will find themselves more focused, rejuvenated and excited. Through the various highs and lows, a CTE teaching philosophy helps a CTE educator stay true to one’s core beliefs. Writing a teaching philosophy statement may take some time, but once you pause and think about what drew you to this field in the first place, it gets easier. Reflecting on core values and beliefs about education and the role of educators can bring life and direction to any statement.

Formatting & Requirements: One-two page, double-spaced, Arial 11 font (you will need to be concise), with one-inch margins and .5-inch paragraph indentations. Include a centered title in all capital letters at the top of the page, followed by your name on the second line, followed by one blank line. Separate your paper into paragraphs, leaving one blank line between them. Do not include a title page or references.

Grading: 40 points for quality of ideas, insight, understanding, and knowledge of CTE/work-based learning (in other words, how you highlight lessons learned from this course).

10 points for format that adheres to stated requirements shown above and correct use of academic language, spelling, grammar, etc. (-1 point for each error)

Content of the paper: Your role in CTE, the role of CTE in a school district. Any sort of education philosophy statements should address foundational questions like why you teach; what you teach; how you teach; how you measure effectiveness of strategies and your program. Also include your core beliefs of how CTE /work-based learning works best. Make your own voice come alive in your statement. Highlight your own personal strengths/experiences and show how they will play into your success as an educator.

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