Using the Ontario Leadership Framework document, compare and contrast specific concepts found in the Leadership Frameworks from three provinces or countries. One of the provinces must be Ontario. using literature and the relevant school leadership frameworks to structure your paper, you are being asked to develop a theoretically-informed review paper (maximum 2500 words) that demonstrates:

1. comparing and contrasting of School Level Leadership Frameworks

2. comparing and contrasting of leadership capacities;

3. comparing and contrasting of the organization and application of school-level leadership frameworks.

Drawing on the knowledge discovered from comparing and contrasting of the Leadership


1. What can Ontario educators learn from the educational frameworks in the other two


2. What can educators in the other two provinces/countries learn from the Ontario Leadership


3. How will this new knowledge affect your personal leadership philosophy?

Within your review paper, you need to provide evidence of expansive reading and integration of this knowledge directed at the ways in which theory and leadership frameworks inform your leadership values and philosophy. You also need to provide evidence of synthesis and evaluation of practice and theory, not just description. Inter-connected with the demonstration of synthesis and evaluation within your paper, you need to make clear and concise arguments as you compare and contrast the three distinct leadership frameworks.

The utilization of headings and sub-headings throughout your writing is essential in helping to frame your work as well as they guide the reader and bring greater clarity to your paper. Always remember to write an introduction and a conclusion, as they help to frame your assignment which in turn provides further clarity to your writing.

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