· global health problem

· To demonstrate knowledge and application of key competencies from the semester

PAssignment requirements:

Paper Requirements (if applicable to problem)

· Introduction:

o Overview of paper

· Background (Problem):

o Provide description of chosen health problem and the demographic it affects

§ How does this problem vary worldwide?

§ What are the causes of the problem?

o Include scientific literature that highlights the significance of the problem

§ Why is this a global health problem? Be sure to include statistics outside of the US population

o Include relevant statistics from reliable sources of public health information

· Intervention (Solution; break into separate paragraphs, as needed):

o Provide detailed descriptions of:

§ What the solution is

§ How the solution would be implemented

§ The players that would need to be involved

· These groups should be ones in which we have discussed this semester

§ The estimated cost associated with the proposed solution (this is an estimated cost— it is recommended to include the price for one of the resources used for the solution for a general idea)

§ Why this solution should be considered

§ The benefits of the solution

o Are there any moral or ethical concerns?

o Include any other pertinent information

· Conclusion

o Standard conclusion—tie paper contents back to solution and introduction

Paper format

· 1500 words (minimum)

· APA citations (this includes in-text citations—if you have any questions, please email me)

o Points WILL be deducted if other reference styles are used (including MLA)

· Cover page and References (do not count in 1500-word count)

· Double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, submitted in Microsoft Word

· Use the third person (he, she, it, they)—not “I” or “we” (first person) or “you” (second person); Do not write “I think” or “in my opinion.”

· Use a consistent tense throughout

· Avoid clichés, jargon, and slang

· Proofread and edit carefully and thoroughly. Make use of Word Document prompts to catch grammar and spelling errors

General reminders:

· This must be your own work with correct citations

o All papers submitted will be checked for plagiarism

· All sources must be reputable please check with me if you are questioning any

· Do not wait until the last minute to pull this together; it takes time and effort to craft high quality writing

· Paraphrase judiciously (be sure to cite where the information came from) and use direct quotes sparingly, only when

· Limiting solution to the US (cannot be primary population discussed in paper)

Do not plagiarize by using another person’s ideas or words OR previous work (for this class or another class

appropriate. The bulk of your paper should not be direct quotes. YOUR PAPER IS ONLY ALLOWED TO HAVE A MAXIMUM OF TWO DIRECT QUOTES (one sentence each).

· The solution may be a well-known “answer” to the problem at hand; if you would like to create a hypothetical solution, please ask for my approval beforehand. Though it may be a creative idea, there will have to be sufficient evidence available to support an idea that the proposed solution may work

· Develop your idea into a coherent, in-depth and thorough discussion in a minimum of 1500 words; however, you should focus on quality, not quantity of words.

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