For your first formal essay assignment, please write an in-depth analysis of one of the following questions below. In your essay, please refer to both personal experience and the readings thus far this semester. Please include an introduction and conclusion to your essay. Your analysis must have a claim, reasons and evidence. Please write approximately two-to-four (2-4) pages with proper grammar and correct spellings.

You will be graded on the content of your analysis as well as the proficiency of your writing.

OPTION A: Write an essay that defines the elements of “strength” by using examples that illustrates these elements.

OPTION B: Write an essay that looks at some of the causes and effects of confidence by looking at experiences from your life as well as the experiences of the authors we have read.

OPTION C: What’s the best piece of advice offered in any of the readings so far and how does this advice compare to the experiences in your life.

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