This exercise asks you to consider the problems of eyewitness testimony. no word count requirement for this forum. my hope is to give us a minute break from writing and writing and writing….

1. Eyewitnesses to crimes are not always reliable; they think they remember the facts about an event, yet they make errors. Describe three psychological factors that might account for such errors.

2. If you were a police officer, lawyer, or prosecutor who had the job of interrogating witnesses and you wanted to increase eyewitness accuracy, what are two things you might do?

3. In general, how would a 10-year-old child be a more reliable eyewitness regarding the facts of an event than a 40-year-old adult, and vice versa? Why?

4. We are all eyewitnesses to our own lives, and we are not completely accurate in what we remember. Which of your autobiographical memories do you think might be somewhat distorted or inaccurate? Why?

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