This week offers you a chance to build on the analytical skills you started to develop last week. Try to further develop your citation skills and your application of the historical criteria.

Do all of the following:
1. Read the excerpts of the documents I identify below.
2. Write your short essay interpreting some part of that period of Jesus’s life (you don’t have to do it all. Focus on what you can positively say about the historical Jesus.). The instructions are in the “Assignments” section.

You need not use all of these sources in your short essay. You might find some of them to be irrelevant, either because of the age of the document or just because none of the claims in them are convincing or meet any of the criteria for acceptance. Be judicious.
I provide direct links to those texts we’ll read at Early Christian Writings. You can find more information about the texts there, as well as alternate translations. You’ll find the remaining texts in either your copy of the New Testament or in the “Texts” section of our site.
Matt 4:12-25; 10-20
Mark 1:14-45; 2-10
Luke 4:14-44; 5; 6:1-16; 7-10
John: 1:35-51; 2-4; 7:1-9
Gos. Eb.1 (
Quaran 3:49-61

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