Green Energy Project
Selection of Articles: The article that you select must be related to SOLAR POWER and be reported in a popular news source. Please DO NOT choose an article from a peer-reviewed journal or the website of a reputable science agency (e.g. the Department of Energy), or a commercial business developing green energy technology, it should be from a magazine, online blog, newspaper, or some other popular source. Your article should focus on a single green energy source.
The Research Paper: The paper should be written in a scientific style and a minimum of 3 double-spaced pages in length, 1″ margins, using a 12-point Arial font. A maximum of one-page total of tables and figures may be included in the page. The title page and references will also not be included in the page count. All equations should be numbered sequentially within a category (as should figures and tables).
Paper Format
Include a descriptive title of your paper and your name.
Present a brief summary of the topic covered in the article including the key scientific data or statements they made that you plan to research. Keep the following questions in mind:
What green energy source is the article about?
What scientific data or results are presented in the article?
What is the overall thesis of the article?
Does the data as presented in the article support the thesis?
For each of the key data or scientific statements highlighted from the article, present a discussion of the accuracy or inaccuracy, backed up by references and supported with figures or tables where appropriate. Keep the following questions in mind:
Is the data presented accurate? You will need to cite credible sources to support or refute the data presented.
Did the article use outdated information? Use the article’s publication date when making this judgement.
Include any additional information about the green energy source that you researched. You can include more recent developments that have occurred since the article you chose was published, or additional information that was left out of the article but which you think is important to consider when looking at this energy source. Keep the following questions in mind:
Did the article present a complete picture of the relevant data?
Did you find anything else in your research that you feel is relevant to the topic of the article?
Did this information support the thesis of the article or refute it?
Was this information available at the time the article was published?
Why might this information have been excluded from the article?
3 references should be cited sequentially within the text with a superscript number which corresponds to the actual reference listed at the end of the paper using the ACS citation style.

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