1. Reflecting on the national cinemas and the themes its associated film movements (e.g.: ethnic diversity, transnational production, race, gender, post-colonialism, censorship, etc…) students are required to conduct library and electronic research to write an essay on one of the national cinema topics taught so far.

2. Choose one of the national cinemas taught from Week 1 to Week 7.

3. Students need to support their thesis statement based on their library and online research and the readings they have done throughout the semester.

4. Students must use the following structure in writing their essay:

Essay structure:

Title: Provide a title that explains the topic and content of the essay.

-Introduction: Choose one film from the national cinema and director considered representative of the film movement based on research. Briefly explain ‘world cinema’ and its relationship to classical Hollywood cinema. Provide the thesis statement on the topic.

-1st Paragraph: Explain how the political, social and cultural conditions influenced the making of the film and its contents. Support argument with examples from the film and what has been written about the film;

-2nd Paragraph: What is the students’ opinion on the topic? Support opinions by referencing examples from the film by discussing how the film aesthetically communicates its themes or topic (e.g.: use of genre, mise-en-scene, symbolism, metaphors, music, sound, funding);

-3rd Paragraph: Drawing from their readings and research, analyse how specific social issues (e.g.: gender, sexuality, ethnicity, post-colonialism, censorship, politics) are portrayed in the film’s context.

-Conclusion: End the essay with a summary of the points they have raised.

-Reference List/ Bibliography

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