You are asked to help an organization develop employee recruiting, screening, interviewing, and selection process. Based on what you’ve learned in this course (Chapters 3- 6) write a 4-7 page paper that includes the following:
Introduction: describe company you are consulting with. Describe industry they’re in, the size of the organization, and some brief notes on what you have been asked to do.
Review of current situation: Describe how the company currently goes through the selection process of employees IN DETAIL.
Evaluate the current system: In this section, you should describe what the organization is doing correctly and what it is doing that is not efficient or effective. USE outside sources to support this section.
Recommendations: Describe what changes the organization should make and what these new changes would look like within the organization in DETAIL. USE SOURCES to support this section.
You can make up the information about the organization or you can use an organization you are familiar with.
Demonstrate you can use what you have learned from the textbook Industrial and Organizational Psychology An Applied Approach 8th edition Michael G. Aamodt.

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