Be prepared to answer ONE of the following Essay questions.

Be sure to FULLY support your argument with historical information in a multi-paragraph essay with a minimum of 300 words (include introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.)

Follow English grammar standards and rules, using use college-level language.

Choose from ONE of the following topics and complete your essay. Remember to follow the instructions and formatting described.

  • Would the Industrial Revolution have been possible without the use of slave labor? Why or why not?


  • If you were defending the Cherokee and other native nations before the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1830s, what arguments would you make? If you were supporting Indian removal, what arguments would you make?


  • Consider the arguments over the expansion of slavery made by both northerners and southerners in the aftermath of the U.S. victory over Mexico. Who had the more compelling case? Or did each side make equally significant arguments?


  • What strategies did slaves employ to resist, revolt, and sustain their own independent communities and cultures? How did slaves use white southerners’ own philosophies—paternalism and Christianity, for example—to their advantage in these efforts?

DO NOT copy and paste ANY of your essay from ANY print or Internet source.  This is academic plagiarism and will result in an automatic zero for the Exam.

Minimum of 2 credible, scholarly sources.

DO Not use .com, .net. or .orgs

Do Not use Wikipedia

You can use .edu and .gov

Strongly encourage you to use EbscoHost.

Here’s the link:


You must CITE all sources used within the text of your essay (using in-text citations) and provide a Works Cited Page of those sources; you may use whichever style you are most familiar: APA, MLA, Chicago.

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