Please read these instructions and follow them to the letter. Points will be deducted for improper format and not meeting the three-page rule.
A suggested strategy for completing this assignment and ensuring maximum points would be to answer the following questions:
1. What foundations helped shape modern law enforcement (eras of policing)?
2. What law enforcement structures grew from those foundations?
3. What are some new strategies employed by modern law enforcement agencies today?
***Write one page (5 paragraphs) in answering each question.
Directions: Write a 3 page APA style paper (remember I am looking for critical thinking and discernment of information to equal a unique work of your own, giving proper credit to reference sources). There must be three pages of content (the title and reference page do not count toward the required number of content pages)! NO ABSTRACT IS REQUIRED FOR THIS PAPER!
Reference requirements – a minimum of 3 references are required for this paper (journals and books – no Wikipedia)
Presentation Style – This paper must be written in APA style (research margin, heading, double spaced and reference requirements, etc.).
*You may use 6th Edition APA Guidelines

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