Discussion paragraph Growing the seed crystal lab order

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Watch this video

Then respond to each of the following questions in essay form.

  1. (Existing knowledge, research and views) Describe the contents of a solution and indicate the purpose for each.
  2. (Existing knowledge, research and views) Describe at least two methods that you could use to determine if a substance is soluble in water.
  3. (Existing knowledge, research and views) Describe the difference between saturated and unsaturated solutions.
  4. (Analysis) Consider the steps involved in preparing the saturated alum solution. Classify the solution as saturated or unsaturated in each step and explain your choice.
  5. (Design process) Provide at least one reason for using hot water to dissolve the alum.
  6. (Design process) Provide at least one supported argument for waiting for the solution to cool to room temperature before filtration.
  7. (Design process) Describe the filtration process in as much detail as you deem necessary. Provide an explanation for the necessity of each step involved.
  8. (Analysis) Describe what happens with the saturated alum solution that causes the appearance and growth of the seed crystals.
  9. (Design process) Describe the process of monitoring and maintaining the seed crystal.
  10. (Assumptions) Predict what would happen, if you left all your little crystals in the Petri dish instead of transferring a few into a saturated solution and provide a supported argument for your prediction.
  11. (Analysis) Provide at least one supported argument for only placing a few crystals in the saturated solution at a time.
  12. (Design process) Describe what kind of crystals you would select to start your seed crystal growth and what method you would use to transfer the selected crystal from one dish to another.
  13. (Experiment design) Using your knowledge growing the alum seed crystals, propose a protocol for growing crystals from other compounds, such as copper(II) sulfate, sucrose, sodium chloride, etc. Pick one compound to apply your protocol to.
  14. (Analysis) Growing crystals is visually impressive and useful. Describe at least one application for growing crystals.


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