Read the article: “A Real-Time Case Analysis” and then perform a case analysis that covers the following questions:

In your own words, what is Volkswagen’s Strategy in 2018 that was originally announced in 2008?

What do you believe were the most important key elements of Volkswagen’s Strategy 2018? Where did they fail?

In order to execute Strategy 2025 (which supersedes Strategy 2018) in response to an emissions scandal, do you believe what was suggested in the article is the best approach? Supported by credible resources, discuss why it is the best approach or propose a better approach.

Discuss whether the overarching vision driving Volkswagen’s Strategy 2025 is clear and whether the approaches they are taking will help them achieve it. Why or why not?

Are the initiatives designed to transform certain areas of Volkswagen’s core business achievable that are outlined in their strategy 2025? Why or why not?

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