Respond in at least two paragraphs. Sociologist Andrew Cherlin argues from his data on family life in the US that it is both the best of times and the worst of times for American families. Indeed, while marriages and families are perhaps less stable today than during some time periods like after the Second World War, for the ones that do remain intact, they are among the most emotionally satisfying ever because of their new flexibility and openness. Satisfaction drawn from marital relations is not equally distributed in America. Based on their specific social variables, which groups in the US tend to have more stable and happier marriages, and which groups tend to have less stable and happier marriages? Explain in detail.
1.Respond in at least 2 paragraphs. There are a number of institutions that define and organize family life. Describe at least three such institutions and how they impact and help to define families and family life.

2.Respond in at least two paragraphs.

A. Explain some of the benefits of having a strong institution of the family.

B. Explain some of the drawbacks of having a strong institution of the family.

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