CrossFit Case Questions

Case Study Questions

  1. Please analyze the external environment analysis. Based on your analysis, identify key threats that might cause the greatest concern for CrossFit.
  1. Please perform an internal analysis on CrossFit’s resources and capabilities, and critically evaluate whether CrossFit’s core competencies are a source of competitive advantage.
  2. Knowing that international diversification could help CrossFit achieve above-average returns or superior profitability, you are required to address the following issues:

(i)  How should CrossFit deal with the risks involved in international diversification?

(ii) CrossFit’s Glassman has emphasised he wants the needs of diverse stakeholders to be considered in the international diversification process.

Please outline your recommendations about how CrossFit can effectively manage the needs of stakeholders in culturally diverse and international environments.

Students must answer all three questions.

Additional Resources

Recent controversy with CEO Glassman


Quartz contributor Marion Maneker offered his analysis of CrossFit’s business model and strategy in July 2015:

From a 2018 survey of CrossFit affiliates, Wodify put together this extended infographic:

TeamRICHEY published this informal interview with Greg Glassman in March 2019:

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