Please read article; and watch video;


  1. Who are the Gnawa?  What are some of their signature musical instruments?
  2. From where do Moroccans emanate?
  3. What three important meanings does the term Gnawa have?  From where does the term derive?
  4. What are fundamental to the Gnawa order?  How?
  5. How are the Gnawa a diasporic culture?
  6. Who have the Gnawa influenced?  How?
  7. What “distinct space” does the Gnawa occupy in Moroccan society?
  8. How is Gnawa music viewed?  What has it inspired?
  9. How do the Gnawa relate/contribute to an understanding of the term/concept “diaspora” as defined in “Are We Global Yet?” and explored/examined in “Guitar Playing and Representation?


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