Use your textbook, related videos and websites to respond to this ESSAY QUESTION.  The response should be thorough, including definitions, examples, and demonstrate a clear understanding of the conceptual objectives.  Each response should be 4 typewritten pages in length.

Text: Social Work, Social Welfare and American Society, by Philip R. Popple and Leslie Leighninger, Allyn and Bacon, Boston, MA,  LATEST EDITION.

  1. Please read the chapter. 3 and any related videos,  websites to address the following:

Trace social work’s historical development.  Is social work a profession?  Why or why not?  What are some common roles of a social worker, their methods, and what settings do they practice in?  Finally, what specific role might social workers have in the educational system and in the criminal justice system?  Give examples.

Jane Adams and Hull House

Chapter. 3.  Social Work as a Profession

–        sociology, psychology, social work

–        traditional model v. process model of professionalism

–        social work values and philosophical base

–        social work ethics and ethical dilemmas

–        social work methods, models of social work practice, practice settings

–        social work oriented agencies v. host institutions

–        salaries and job opportunities

–        social work education, licensing, and certification requirements

–        social work’s historical development: state charitable institutions v. the social settlement movement

–        current professional issues

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