• Part 1 Video Analysis:

Letter and Sound /S/

  • Identify the video you selected (Include on your title slide)
    • Instructor Tip:Briefly summarize the video you chose, being sure to include relevant information.
  • Why? Discuss why you think the teacher chose to assess the students in the way she did in the video (One slide)
    • Instructor Tip:What was the purpose of her assessment? Remember all assessment must be done with a purpose in mind. 
  • What? Explain what you think the learning goals were the teacher was assessing for their students (One slide)
    • Instructor Tip:What developmental or educational domain do you think the teacher was assessing? Why do you think this? 
  • When? Explain when the teacher is assessing their students (One Slide)
    • Instructor Tip:What time of day was the teacher assessing the children? Was it during a specific class period?
  • Part 2 Video Learning:
    • Explain how assessment can be integrated into daily activities (One slide)
    • Describe how assessment materials can be integrated into the learning environment to make them more efficient (One to two slides)
    • Summarize your plan for assessing student learning (One to two slides)
    • Cite at least 3 credible sources to support your statements

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