Leadership Integration Essay Instructions

TOPIC: Why are people the most important aspect of an analytics-driven culture?

APA Format

6 high-quality peer-reviewed scholarly sources within the last 5 years

1. There is an abstract statement with topic selection to provide a clear overview of the paper’s contents. The statement adheres to APA and is in-depth to properly introduce the paper.

2. Each step is completed with clear, distinct sections (separate headings for each), and all the content is properly addressed in a thorough manner from the outlined steps. Each of the steps is clearly supported with examples and research.

3. Each of the main points for the subsections of the steps is thoroughly addressed with a specific discussion and examples applied.

4. A thorough, specific discussion of the personality tests exists with a clear application to the results, using statistical/percentage scores for support, along with professional and/or personal life examples.

5. The conclusion offers a well-rounded summary of topics in the paper and suggests a variety of opportunities for future use of topics/relevance/purpose.

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