25 pts. Washington and DuBois
1. What did Washington mean by “Cast down your bucket where you are?
2. What was Washington urging African Americans to do?
3. What was Washington urging whites to do?
4. What were Washington’s long-term goals for African Americans?
5. How did W.E.B. DuBois respond to Washington’s ideas?
6. What is it that DuBois is trying to convince readers?
7. What part of Washington’s AND DuBois text to you agree with? Why?
8. What part of Washington’s AND DuBois text to you disagree with? Why?

25 pts. Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth Reading
1. According to Carnegie, what should wealthy men do with their money? Why?
2. What does Carnegie mean by “Indiscriminate charity”? What does he believe might happen to
society if money is not spent wisely?
3. How would Carnegie have wanted the writer to respond to the beggar?
4. How does Carnegie define the “true Gospel of Wealth”?
5. Can you think of a modern day organization or charity in which Carnegie would approve?

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