literature review

contextualize for your design problem supported by data if possible,
Historical and theoretical background for the problem and solutions offered
Technical issues related depending on your selected design problem,
Current pressing issues that would affect the scene, ex. Sustainability, health and wellbeing, critical climatic issues, productive architecture, COVID 19,
Case studies presentation and analysis. At least 2-3 relevant cases.

This chapter should conclude with a statement (1-3) pages that synthesize all the info in the chapter. This furnishes ground for the next chapter of programming issues.


TOPIC: CoHousing

LOCATION: The Bahamas

Please gave supporting data from North America (Specifically: Southern East Coast) this is flexible if you are unable to find anything.

In the literature review, have a case built around;

-illness, physical and mental brought on by living alone in individuals specifically the young and elderly.

-compare and contrast children in a single parent home vs. cohousing.

-how cohousing can curb physical and mental issues in both children, adults and the elderly

-Curbing destructive behavioral issues in children to build better individuals for the future through proper socialization.

And any other information that would round this essay out.
have 3 case studies
The case studies should be 7-10 pages long each

All aspects of design should be taken into account


Muir Commons- California

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