Leadership Requirements Paper Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you will write a 2-section paper describing both formal and informal requirements to serve as a leader in an organization. This assignment must be in current APA format, include a title page, include a reference page with at least 2 references, and be 400-500 words.

Complete 1 of the options below:

K-12 Leaders

If you are, or plan to be a K-12 educator, describe the requirements for becoming a building or district level leader. Title the first section State Licensure Requirements. This section must include degree requirements, test scores, experience, etc., that is required by your state to serve as a school or district level leader. If you are in a private school setting, compare and contrast required qualifications to those required to serve in a public school setting. Title the second section of your paper Additional Qualifications. In this section, share your personal views on formal and informal leadership qualifications of a building or district level leader. Answer the following questions:

  • Do you believe that your state’s licensure requirements are sufficient to insure quality leaders are leading our schools and districts?
  • What qualifications would you add to, or remove from, your state’s leadership requirements?
  • What measures should be used to determine if someone is qualified to lead a school or district?
  • What are some of the intangible attributes of an effective leader that might not be listed in a job description?

Higher Ed or Other Leaders

If you are in a higher ed. program or a non-educator, describe the requirements for leadership positions in your organization. If your organization does not identify specific leadership qualifications, review job postings in your industry. Title the first section of your paper Leadership Requirements. This section must include the formal requirements such as education and experience. The second section of your paper must be titled Additional Qualifications. In this section, share your personal views on what formal qualifications should or should not be required for those that lead in your organization. This section is also where you should list informal leadership qualifications or characteristics that are important for those in leadership positions.

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