This paper must be focused on geriatric patients with breast cancer only. 65 years or older ONLY. Must write well about breast cancer pathophysiology from the cellular level! Must have title page, headings (levels 1 & 2) and reference pages. References must be 5 years or younger! (written 2015-2020). References must include doi’s. APA 6th Ed. Paper must be no more than 10 pages but at least 8.This is for a graduate nursing program.

Outline the paper addressing the following sections:
Introduction: Overview of the population and demographics
Risk Factors for Primary Diagnosis
Pathophysiology of Primary Diagnosis: In-depth description of pathophysiology (at the cellular level) of the underlying disease process including discussion of effect on two or more organ systems
Pathophysiology for Primary Symptoms associated with the primary diagnosis
Typical Lab and Diagnostic Test Data: Detailed description at the cellular level including why the lab or diagnostic data is important in diagnosis, monitoring, or treatment of the disease process.
Goals of Therapeutic Management:
Detailed description of the goals for therapeutic management.
Health promotion/risk reduction (evidence-based) management of the population to promote health and well being.
Summary of application of therapeutics to promote health of chosen population and expected optimal outcomes of care.

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