You have been asked to conduct a session regarding trends in litigation involving police and corrections. Prepare a presentation discussing the following:

a. What types of behavior prove problematic, often leading to such litigation? Discuss at least ten (10) such behaviors for police; and ten (10) for corrections.

b. Include a common difference between those individuals that sue law enforcement and those who sue corrections officials.

c. During the presentation, an officer expresses concern about being sued. Should the officer be concerned?

2. To gain a better understanding of the types of liability lawsuits faced by professionals in the criminal justice system, this question requires you to locate an example of such liability. It can be either related to law enforcement, or corrections. Locate it on a website, and:

a. Summarize the incident;

b. State who was the focus of the litigation (e.g. patrol officer; police chief; correctional officer; correctional administrator; etc);

c. State what type of liability is involved;

d. State the outcome (including the amount of monetary award, if applicable); and

e. Indicate why this case attracted your attention.

f. What surprised you the most regarding the incident? What recommendation(s) do you have for how the situation should have been handled? PLEASE HYPERLINK IN THE URL OF THE SOURCE OF YOUR EXAMPLE.

If you are interested in law enforcement, you can check out the National Police Accountability Project; and then search similar sites if interested in corrections.

3. Your resource for this question is the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) weblink in Unit 1 folder. You’ll want to pay particular attention to Chapter 4 (Complaints). Sometimes negative community perceptions, and potential civil litigation, result from how law enforcement agencies handle the complaint process. Based upon the information presented by the IACP in Chapter 4 of the linked document, construct a policy of how to handle complaints, and justify why your policy could reduce tensions between law enforcement and the public regarding complaints.


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