Based on the HongChuan case study, answer the following questions:

1.The first step towards internationalisation began in the 1993 when Hon Chuan expanded into mainland China. Discuss the drivers of globalisation that may have influenced the global strategic goals of Hon Chuan, highlighting any challenges that might have been faced by the company when undertaking this expansion? (Strategic, operational – HR, Marketing, Logistics)

2.Discuss the environment, health and sustainability challenges for Hon Chuan and whether there are differences between its expansion into Asia and into Africa. What are these implications and does Hon Chuan’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility address these issues?

Hon Chuan’s current CSR – (Links to an external site.)

3.In 2018, the company was fined for breaching the Air Pollution Act. Using the breach as an example, critically discuss the ethical implications or moral values of Hon Chuan’s decision to continue to cause Air Pollution despite knowing the damages.

Hon Chuan Breaching the Air Pollution Act – (Links to an external site.)

4.In 1996, Hung-Chuan Dai took over as Chairman, he had undertaken business studies in the United States. How might an awareness of other cultures or being “ambicultural” assist in running a multicultural organisation?

5.How might the concept of Social Entrepreneurship support Tsao’s FDI goal in Africa to upgrade Hon Chuan from an OEM to OBM and launch self-branded drinks?

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