Summarize the Act you have chosen(Age Discrimination in Employment Act, 1967).
What is required by employers to be in compliance with the Act? What are the employee rights under the Act?
What was the purpose and/or intent of the Act established by the state or federal government? Identify social/economic benefits.
Who benefits by the Act and how does your ACT or Law compare with other cultural perspectives? For example, do other countries have similar Acts/Laws?
Note any changes or updates to the Act that you have discovered in your research since the enactment date. What, why, and when were the changes made?
Give observations and opinions about the Act. Do you believe it fulfills its original purpose?
Include examples of persons you know or give a case of someone who has benefited by the Act, if appropriate.
Describe your core beliefs as they relate to the Act/Law. Is the Act against your core beliefs? Why or why not?

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