· Summarize the type of manufacturing company you plan to start up and determine how you will design the value chain for your manufacturing company. (The manufacturing company to start up is a soft drinks and water).

· Describe the type of budget you plan to implement in your company and outline the budgeting review steps necessary to ensure that your company reaches the financial forecast.

· Select at least four specific benchmarks you will utilize in your company. Explain the benchmarks selected and their benefits to your company.

· Explain the type of cost system you plan to implement in your company and identify any major challenges in implementing your cost system. Suggest a way to overcome the identified challenges.

· Integrate at least six quality resources using in-text citations and a reference page in your assignment. Note: You can only reference/sources from the United States. You cannot use a research paper, Blog, Wikipedia, Investopedia, and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.

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