A. What is Sociology and how does it differ/compare from other social science disciplines? [You should begin by defining sociology and it’s core features; then you should compare/contrast to one other social science of your choice.

B. Share your research topic of interest (ideally this is the same topic that you shared in your discussion post BUT it doesn’t have to be). Next,

develop four research questions that you might investigate about the topic you selected. Each question should reflect a different “type” of sociological question: factual, comparative, developmental, or theoretical

C. From the four that you developed, choose the one question that you are most interested in investigating and evaluate the questions “quality” as a sociological question. Consider: Is this a “good” research question – why or why not? What makes the question sociological? What are the sociological aspects of the question? What is the social importance of your research question? What is the objective or your research question?

*The research topic of interest is refugees and the global refugee crisis. I am interested as to why refugees have such a difficult immigration process, acclimation to their host countries, the stigmas against their situations in which they have no control over, etc*

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