Topic: Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

As nurses we know the importance of the Mind, Body and Spirit connection. No doubt that most of us have witnessed the “Hopeless case” recover or the patient who just received a poor diagnosis with months to live will die almost immediately. Dr. Charles Horace Mayo, founder of the Mayo Clinic knew this connection and believed it vital to a patient’s healing. Today the Mayo Clinic utilizes Mind-Body practices and even has a Mind-body Initiative. The Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Brent Bauer, M.D., professor of General Internal Medicine, and Dr. Cindy Kermott, M.D., assistant professor of Preventive Medicine; and Dr. Martha Millman, M.D., wrote the book, An Integrative Guide to Good Health, that discusses how alternative and complementary techniques can enhance conventional medicine.

Discuss the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, providing research articles and/or writings of interest from the Medical Profession throughout time and the globe. What complementary techniques (not just diet and exercise) can be used in the Acute Care setting to enhance conventional medicine (such as meditation, aromatherapy, acupuncture and reflexology etc.). As AGACNPs how can we become knowledgeable enough to encourage alternative therapies for our patients to assist them in both healing and preventative care?

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