Assessment 1 Case study

Watch the below Video and answer all the questions in a question answer format.



  1. What type of innovation models are the most applicable to the Indian context and how?
  2. Does India have a well-established national system to support entrepreneurial projects? If yes, how does it work? And do you find it useful?
  3. Considering the demographics of consumers and customers (B2B and B2C) in India, what are the main challenges related to adopting and diffusing new and advanced technologies?
  4. Based on your understanding from the case, what type of new product/service/solution testing methods would work for consumers in India?
  5. What type of entrepreneurial (e.g., product/service/solution development opportunities) worth for investments in India? Justify your points.
  6. Based on your understanding of the Indian market, which industries show more potential commercialising disruptive innovations in the next ten years. Explain your reasons.
  7. The Video was recorded seven years ago. In the past seven years, have you seen a dramatic change in the innovation and entrepreneurship space in India? Is it now easier for entrepreneurs to position and commercialise radical innovations?
  8. Is it possible to develop and commercialise an innovative value-offering that is affordable for consumers in India? In other words, how can entrepreneurs pursue both dimensions (differentiation and affordability)?
  9. Do you think strategic alliances in entrepreneurial projects is an effective strategy in India? Based on the characteristics of business and market environment in India, how can strategic partnerships facilitate the innovation processes in India?
  10. Does the linear model of new product/service development provide us with a full picture of how development takes place in entrepreneurial processes in India? If no, Explain your reasons.

You must:


  • Identify and use relevant theories to address issues; All the theories used need to be relevant in the context of the questions. Show solid evidence of critical analysis
  • Identify and analyse the potentials for innovation opportunities and facilities to exploit those opportunities within the relevant questions.
  • Apply fundamental concepts underpinning ethical issues associated with the case.
  • Written in strong masters level academic language with proper grammar and coherent sentence structure.

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