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Inslee English 101: Critical Analysis Essay 2

In 20/20’s “Screen Time” episode, journalist Diane Sawyer investigates the current state of personal technology use in America. She talks to technology producers and users, students and teachers, children and parents, and novices and experts in order to assess some of the surprising consequences that have followed the mass proliferation of electronic devices and the apps that drive their usage. Sawyer and her colleagues find that while personal devices like cell phones/tablets and online gaming appear to merely offer increased convenience, broadened social networks, and more accessible entertainment, in reality they can also bring about surprising consequences for individuals, families, and communities.

Essay Prompt: Write a 1000 word Critical Analysis Essay in which you identify, explore, and analyze several aspects of one of the issues listed below. Please use at least 2 credible sources (relatively unbiased sources from mainstream media are fine) to summarize and analyze the issue.

To organize your outline and essay, first summarize/explain the apparent benefits of your selected topic and move to explore surprising consequences. You may also include your personal observations to illustrate this topic.

Topics include:

  • Technology use and changes in contemporary family dynamics / habits
  • Tech company leaders and screen time/device restrictions for their own children
  • Parents cell phones usage and impact on toddlers
  • Screen time and cognitive/linguistic development in children
  • Technology and development of social interaction skills in children and teens
  • Selfie culture and social media’s impact on teens’ self esteem
  • Social media and cyber-bullying
  • Electronic devices in schools and educators’ criticism of / responses to digital distraction
  • App and game design and technology addiction / treatments for “screen addiction”
  • Terms of Service agreements and user privacy
  • Social media and user tracking, record keeping

Below are some mainstream media sources to get you started on your research – many of these link to other sources.

Babies, Young Children, and Screen Time

Screens and Parents’ Attention


Reduced Screen Time for Young Highly Recommended for Well-Being


Limiting Children’s Recreational Screen Time to Less Than 2 Hours a Day Linked to Better Cognition


Not All Screen Time Causes Kids to Underperform


Tech leaders who restrict their own children’s screen time



Social Media, Selfie Culture and Self Esteem in Young People

What Selfies are Doing to Self Esteem


Social Media, Social Life: Teens Reveal Their Experiences


Cyberbullying and suicide


Kpop stars: cyberbulling and  suicide



Screens in the Classroom

Debating the Use of Digital Devices in the Classroom


Schools are Banning Smart Phones



Parents, Families,and Screen Time

One family shares their struggle to spend less time on devices at home

Do Children Act Out Because Their Parents Check Their Phones Too Often?


How to Protect Sleep, Attention, and Family Relationships


Parent, Teens, and Social Media


Tech company leaders and screen time/device restrictions for their own children



App and game design and technology addiction / treatments for screen addiction

Screen Design and Why We Can’t look Away

Why these experts say you can't look away from your screen

Sense and Nonsense About Video Game Addiction


Screen Addiction Treatment Center in Washington State



Terms of Service agreements and user privacy / “data rights”

Screen time: Are your devices listening?




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