Read the following information about Big Data:

Watch (Resource Page)

Big Data: The Shell Investigation – VPRO Documentary – 2013 (YouTube, 49:35) (Links to an external site.)

Kenneth Cukier: Big data is better data (YouTube – 15:55) (Links to an external site.)

Big data dystopia | Kenneth Cukier | TEDxWarwick 2014 (YouTube – 15:49) (Links to an external site.)

Connecting the other half of the world. | Mark LaPenna | TEDxNaperville (YouTube 16:45) (Links to an external site.)


Big Data

How Does Big Data Impact Us?

Discuss your views on the topic of big data. In your response (at least 400 words), be sure to discuss the following:

  • What is your reaction to the readings and videos on the resources page?Be thorough and specific.
  • What are the main issues regarding the use of big data? How serious are they?  How do they affect the individual? How do they affect the larger society?
  • How is big data changing and/or impacting your daily life?
  • How do you envision big data being used to help solve problems facing the world?
  • What (if any) controls should be put upon big data technology? Who should monitor this?

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