TOPIC: What is Accounting?

In this course you have learned about the different components of accounting and the intricate part it plays in any business we can imagine today.

In a 2 page paper discuss what accounting is and describe the various terms of accounting.  In your daily life accounting is used in daily transactions.  Discuss these daily transactions that take place (bank transactions, purchases, returns, payroll, etc.) and how it effects businesses that handle these transactions.

Research Project:  Accounting Interview and Hiring a Quickbook Bookkeeper

Part 1:  Answer the 50 questions on the Quickbook Bookkeeper document  and prepare to submit.  For additional information you can watch the video below.

Hiring a QuickBooks Bookkeeper: 50  Great Interview Questions  by Hector Garcia (Links to an external site.)

Video:  Top 38 Accountant Interview Questions & Their Best Possible Answers$CANVAS_COURSE_REFERENCE$/modules/items/ic7e97a27749af8bd560302c88b3a82b2 (Links to an external site.)

Part 2:  After completing part 1,  discuss in a two (2) page paper why answering these questions will better prepare you for a job interview.

Part 3:  Submit both the answers to the 50 questions and the two (2) page paper in part 2 for credit.

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