Answer two of the following four questions. Write two essays, one essay for each of the questions you answer.

Each essay should be between 1500-2000 words (each video series cover a topic- each question covers a topic(s)- so use the video series to answer the questions). Use your class notes and discussion notes to address the points in the videos. You want to reflect on approximately 20 points (these are already made in the lectures- you want to address them and make sure you are using them to answer the questions).

1. Discuss the role of theory in international relations. Be sure to note different theories and how each expresses different approaches to world affairs.

2. Illuminate the major themes in international relations in practice. Be sure to discuss challenges, major phenomena and influences.

3. Discuss International organizations and law. Be sure to discuss goals in theory and challenges in practice.

4. Discuss the role of psychology in international relations. Be sure to take note of different theoretical approaches as well as cognitive development, language, socialization and identity development.

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