Part one of the paper should be a critique to Chapter 5 from Book, in case you have access to the book: Spiegler, M. D. (2016). Contemporary Behavior Therapy (6th ed.). Wadsworth/Centage

If you do or don’t have access to this book, please do the following:

· Describe the importance of research as an essential part of the practice of behavior therapy

· Describe the four research methods including case studies, reversal studies, multiple baseline studies, and experiments.

· Explain each method in detail

· Explain behavior Therapy as a scientific experiment

· Describe five outcome measures to evaluate the effectiveness of behavior therapy: meaningfulness of change, transfer of change, generalization of change, durability of change, and acceptability of the therapy.

· Discuss how Meta-Analytic studies integrate and compare empirical findings from multiple studies regarding a specific research question. The effect sizes of the individual studies are averaged and weighted, resulting in an average effect size that indicates the degree of change across all studies

· Discuss the efficacy of behavior therapy including the limitations and artificiality in evidence based treatments.

· Discuss the efficacy of behavior therapy in real clinical settings

· Discuss the role of treatment manuals and procedures for the treatment of specific disorder

· Describe the major criticisms of using treatment manuals.

Part Two Critique the following article:

Bandura, A. (2002). Social cognitive theory in cultural context. Applied Psychology: International Review, 51, 269-290.

Part Three Critique the following article:

Hays, P. (2009). Integrating evidence-based practice, cognitive–behavior therapy, and multicultural therapy: Ten steps for culturally competent practice. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 40, 354-360.

Part Four Summarize and Critique the following article:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depressive Symptoms in Persons of African Descent: A Meta- Analysis

Please be concise and add headings for each section.

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