Final Research Paper

Each student is required to complete a 10 page research paper. The research paper provides you an opportunity to demonstrate your research skills as well as your ability to understand and integrate the concepts and approaches provided in this course. It also allows you to demonstrate insight and creativity in the analysis of a specific problem or issue facing government – remember “wicked” problems.

Topic:how government can address the immigration issue

All papers will be submitted through Turnitin prior to being graded. This software will detect all forms of plagiarism, so please make sure that you have not plagiarized. Refer to course syllabus to determine what is considered plagiarism, as well as the consequences for plagiarizing – not good!

FORMAT: Your paper will contain four sections. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, using a 12-point font, and must not exceed 10 pages typed. (page length does not include references or title page). The final paper must be placed in the appropriate link on Canvas.

Title page: The title page must contain a descriptive title of your paper, the course number, the semester and year, and your name. The title page will not count towards your 10-page limit

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