1) Digital Revolution (350-400 words EACH question)
a. What does Thomas Friedman mean when he says the digital revolution made the world
“flat”? Make sure to discuss how technology makes this period of globalization different from
other periods.
1. Video: Its a flat world 3.0
b. Using the reading “Twitter and Tear Gas” as your reference, how did the digital revolution
change social movements? Make sure to discuss how it has helped and how it has hurt. Use at
least three social movements as examples in your answer.
1. Article: Twitter and Tear Gas
2) Anti-Globalization Movements:
a. The anti-globalization movement was originally from the left, today the anti-globalization
movement is coming from the political right. How are they different? What caused the change?
USE: 1. Article: Left and Right Anti-Globalization
2. Article: Will globalization survive
II: Long Essay: The Future of Globalization (600-700 words EACH question)

Yuval Harari says that the future of globalization will be characterized by either a retreat into
nationalism or the creation of new global institutions.
a) Some academics have suggested that the recent increase in economic and political
nationalism is creating conditions similar to those prior to WWI and WWII. What are those
conditions and what evidence is there that the future will be characterized by nationalism and
reduced globalization?
1. Video by Yuval Harari about nationalism and globalism:
2. Article: Globalism and governance
3. Article: Will globalization survive
b) The European Union arguably models the most likely future global political institutions.
Describe those political institutions. What are the three (3) key characteristics that allow them to
function? Why would we expect them to work to solve global problems like climate change that
nations cannot solve today
2. Video about EU
3. 2nd video about EU https://youtu.be/9eufLQ3sew0

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