In Federalist 78, Alexander Hamilton discusses the importance of the federal judiciary and the judges who serve for life. All federal judges — District Court, Appeals Court, and Supreme Court — are appointed by the President for life. President Obama had the opportunity to name two of the nine justices to the U.S. Supreme Court; President Trump has selected one.

Some observers of the federal judiciary believe the lifetime appointment of federal judges is a rather undemocratic notion and argue federal judges should instead be elected to their positions by the people just like the representatives to the other branches of the national government. Others argue a lifetime term is too long and should be shortened.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the life-time appointment of federal judges?
In your initial post, make sure you thoroughly discuss:
BOTH the ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of appointment versus some other form of selection for federal judges, and
BOTH the ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of life-time terms versus some other term of office

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