You will respond to the following question, must be at least 200 words, and must use proper spelling and grammar

Question: Some people have argued that the public should be allowed to view executions (such as having them broadcast on TV) in order to increase the deterrent effect of the death penalty. Should we allow this? Why or why not?

Video and Response Paper

The video shown in this activity discusses the death penalty and, more specifically, what the final 24 hours before an execution entail. It also covers the legal process of executions and the different manners of execution that have been used in the U.S.

After viewing the video, you will write a 1-page response paper in which you provide your informed opinion on the major concepts and themes presented in the video.


View the video “Death Row: The Final 24 Hours” below. The video run time is 42 minutes.
Your response paper for this video is a little different than the others. Instead of answering a few specific questions, you will use “free writing” to discuss what you saw in the video. In other words, you are free to write about any topic(s) from the video. For example, you can write about how the video made you feel. Or what you learned from the video that you didn’t know before. Or your views on the different methods of execution. (These are just example topics; again, you’re free to write about anything shown in the video). Like the other video response papers, this paper must be at least one full page in length; see below for all of the paper requirements.

Important Notes

Your paper must be double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font in Microsoft Word. Papers must be at least one full page. This means that you must have at least a few words on the second page.
Include your name and assignment name in the header of the paper. Do not include your name (or any other information) in the main body of the text as a means of reducing the amount you have to write when responding to the question(s).

the link to the video:

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