Discussion Board 1 over Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
For this discussion board journal over Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, respond to at least two questions from this list of discussion questions.
Is Robert Walton’s ambition similar to Frankenstein’s, as Frankenstein believes?
Why is the fifteen-year-old Frankenstein so impressed with the oak tree destroyed by lightning in a thunderstorm?
Why does Frankenstein become obsessed with creating life?
Why is Frankenstein filled with disgust, calling the monster “my enemy,” as soon as he has created him?
What does the monster think his creator owes him?
Why does Frankenstein agree to create a bride for the monster, then procrastinate and finally break his promise?
Why can’t Frankenstein tell anyone—even his father or Elizabeth—why he blames himself for the deaths of William, Justine, and Henry Clerval?
Why doesn’t Frankenstein realize that the monster’s pledge “I shall be with you on your wedding-night” threatens Elizabeth as well as himself?
Why does Frankenstein find new purpose in life when he decides to seek revenge on the monster “until he or I shall perish in mortal conflict”?
Why are Frankenstein and his monster both ultimately miserable, bereft of human companionship, and obsessed with revenge? Are they in the same situation at the end of the novel?
Why doesn’t Walton kill the monster when he has the chance?
Was it wrong for Frankenstein to inquire into the origins of life?
What makes the creature a monster rather than a human being?
Is the monster, who can be persuasive, always telling the truth?
Discussion Board 2 over Frankenstein
Frankenstein is a complex novel with many sophisticated themes and symbols. For your first discussion post over Frankenstein, choose one of the following themes or symbols and prove, using specific examples from the text, that the theme or symbol you have selected is apparent in Mary Shelley’s novel. Then, state why the particular central idea or symbol you have focused on is important or what readers might learn from it.
Companionship and loneliness
Overreaching ambition
Passive women
Fate and destiny
The journey
Enclosed, isolated spaces
Books, texts, and reading
Snow, ice, and weather
Fire and light

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