Prompt: Accounts of justice: Compare Socrates’ account of justice with either Polemarchus’ account or Thrasymachus/Glaucon/Adeimantus’ account, or MLK’s account and argue for which you think is better.
Explain the view of justice that Socrates endorses along with the argument for it. You may want to narrow the scope to either individual justice (as psychic harmony) or justice of the city (rule by philosophers). Explain the reasoning that leads to this view.
Explain a rival view (Polemarchus’, Thrasymachus/Glaucon/Adeimantus’ or MLK’s) and some key difference(s).
Give an argument in favor of one of the accounts of justice/injustice. Which do you think is a better account and why? Be sure to back your view up with reasons.
The required readings for this essay is Republic by plato Book 1-4 and 7-9

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