Remember to use quotation marks (or block quotes) and in-line citations for verbatim cut-and-paste material you lift from your source material.  And remember, no more than a third of your post may contain source material.  In other words, be original.  This is not a hunt-for-the-answers exercise.

  1. Describe the law or regulation that defines what controlled substances are and provide 5 examples of the drugs that fall in that category?
  2. What are the physician’s public duties? What are the public duties of other health care personnel?  Define, describe, explain with examples)
  3. Describe the health care power of attorney. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this legal document to the patient and to the health care community? What records must physicians keep if they dispense or administer controlled substances?
  4. What is the healthcare worker’s responsibility with medical waste?  In hospitals and other health care facilities.  In doctor’s offices?  Cite and explain the law(s) and regulation(s) that apply.

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