You might recall working on a service blueprint for a service organization in MGMT 311 (Introduction to Marketing). As a reminder, the service blueprint (nngroup)
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“” out the customer experience.

Think about the customer journey for a business class passenger. Using the service blueprint diagram displayed in the service blueprint article as an example, map out the customer journey for a business class customer from the perspective of the airport. Thus, identify the service exchanges from the point of arrival at the departing airport to the point in which the passenger leaves the destination airport.

Review the following report requirements:

Topics to Include

Compose a white paper of at least four pages that addresses the following questions:

What market trends have led to the business class segment?
How does the customer journey meet the needs of the business class? Be sure to include the service blueprint as an appendix in your paper.
Where are points of failure that might impact service quality?
What extended marketing mix decisions (related to People, Process, and the Physical Environment) are important for successful service delivery to the business class market?
Paper Requirements
Include a title page with your name, course, assignment number, and title.
Use current APA
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in-text citations and include a reference page at the end.
A minimum of 4 pages, double-spaced (not including the title or reference pages).
Uploaded as a document, answers typed into the student comment box will not be accepted.

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