In a one-page paper (350-450 words) explain how plastic is impacting the ecosystems of the ocean. Write your paper in a Word Doc so you can edit and revise for errors and grammar. YOU WILL BE DOCKED FOR SLOPPY AND POOR WRITING. Answer the following questions to help you write the paper (but remember, answer these separately and then form a well written essay that addresses what you learned from answering from these questions):

A) how trash from the West Coast of the US physically ends up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

B) how plastics could be harmful to you and wildlife (provide specific examples)

C) what you can do to help reduce the impacts of plastics on wildlife (provide specific examples)

Make sure you address A, B, and C, and provide detailed explanations with examples. Your essay will contain one paragraph per question and must contain proper grammar, spelling and punctuation

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